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In the multi-client capable background system SMART, all front-end devices are completely integrated via the online connection, from data supply to billing and evaluation of sales channels. In day-to-day operations, it is essential that information is available without gaps to ensure reliable functionality of the individual components.


Stationary automat

The kt 0333 TSI stationary vending machine includes touchscreen, cash or card payment, vandal-resistant housing, and the graphics-capable thermal printer for four paper formats. Optional: up to three additional change storage units. The right vending machine for medium to high passenger volumes.


Little automat

The small stationary ticket vending machine also meets large requirements. All necessary payment functions, graphics-capable thermal printer for two paper formats – the ideal vending machine for every stop.



Whether as a ticketing sales device, mobility column or information platform. Thanks to its slim, compact but modern design, the possible uses of the SlimStick are limitless!


Mobile ticket automat

This mobile ticket vending machine is tailored to all the needs of urban transport companies. The technology has been tried and tested in practice. The vending machine is characterized by extremely low maintenance requirements. The ideal vending machine for mobile use.


kt 0350

The kt 0350 cashless ticket vending machine can be used wherever payment by bank card or contactless chip card is the only requirement. Instead of cash, the kt 0350 is used for purely cashless payment with common non-cash means of payment.


kt 0340

The cashless ticket vending machine kt 0340 stands out especially for its size, weight and functionality. Despite its small size, the vending machine is equipped with the usual functions of a vending device and is even suitable for stationary use.


Ticket printer

This ticket printer can be modularly equipped with all on-board computer functionalities. The large, high-resolution and non-reflective graphic TFT color display (10″) ensures easy operation.


Pay table with MFK printer

Thanks to its slanted design, the AK 1080 pay table fits wherever space is at a premium. Ideally suited for the new driver workstations. With integrated MFK printer tickets are printed in no time and your customers can do without long waiting times.


Money changer

The money changer is proven by its long service life and consistency. With its high flexibility, the money changer is also available as a built-in element for your pay table.


Pre-sale device

State-of-the-art technology for advance sales: The AK 0165 advance sales and checkout system is a universal all-rounder for checkout processing at advance sales points and in customer centers.


Desktop printer

The small and fast tabletop printer for the sale of VöV multi-trip tickets at any advance booking office. Thanks to extremely fast printing times, your customers won’t have to wait long and will receive their ticket in no time. 


Smart card system

The chip card can be used contactlessly like an electronic wallet. It can be programmed and recharged at any time. At the ticket machine, all you have to do is hold the card in front of the antenna symbol to pay the ticket. The card uses the same technology for contactless payments as is used for ski passes.


Cash Handling

The use of this unique cash handling solution offers increased efficiency and security for your drivers and your operation. Administrative processing is speedy, accurate and reliable. In addition, the current status of daily receipts and cash flow is available online at any time.



The new money changer from BiLL GmbH convinces with simple installation and easy training of the employees. The change to be returned by the POS system is calculated automatically. Cashier errors are thus a thing of the past.


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